Illustration by Bloc: How FinTech can power a better user experience for HealthTech startups.

From Telemedicine to drug discovery to sleep to mental health and so many other solutions, HealthTech is the fastest-growing vertical in the healthcare industry — raising a total of $ 8.3 billion in VC funding globally at the end of 2020 — increased by nearly over 70%.

In Africa, according…

Banc Corp Staff at our branch in Trade Fair Complex, Lagos

TechAdvance’s portfolio company, Banc Corp MicroFinance Bank, launched operations on Monday, September 6th at the Trade Fair Complex, Lagos.

Micro Finance Banks in Nigeria are one of many mediums through which the general populace access banking and financial services such as loans, insurance, account opening, bill payments, and more. Considered…


We build and provide financial technology that enables founders, thinkers, startups, and organisations to provide financial inclusion, simple and easy.

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